AK Creative Consultancy was set up by Ashleigh King in 2019 as a limited company in England and Wales (12178347). It is registered for PR and communications activities and management consultancy.

Based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne AK Creative incorporates the work of Ashleigh King who is well known in the North East for event planning, confidence coaching and digital marketing. Ashleigh has also developed a wide following for her podcasts, which fall under the AK Creative umbrella along with her podcast studio in Ouseburn, known as Flamingo Heights.

AK Creative Consultancy Initiatives

  • Public speaking and confidence coaching
  • Digital marketing especially around podcasting
  • Nurture Your Zest & other podcasts
  • Flamingo Heights / Learn to Podcast Training

Nurture Your Zest is AK Creative’s flagship series and is available on Apple Podcasts, Podchaser and other leading platforms. This is a regular podcast for the creative and curious. It invites listeners to change their world through self-growth and self care as they hear stories of people from all walks of life who share their struggles and tips for success.

Other podcasts featuring Ashleigh include MBA with Ash for businesspeople looking to engage in post graduate studying and Chaos, Courage and Creativity which focuses on living with ADHD.

Flamingo Heights opened in 2021 as a creative hub in the heart of the city of Newcastle offering an ideal environment for audio and or video recording. It has a fully kitted out studio and facilities to help clients share their stories far and wide, or get the message about their product or service out in a professional yet cost-effective manner.

Flamingo Heights offers a full podcast production service from curation, production, audio and video recording to editing and promotion. The podcast studio also has a resident photographer, Paul Scurrah of Blindsee Photo to capture those much-needed shots to create content that is shareable on social media. Ashleigh works closely with Tim Lozinski and Alice Smith of TL Multimedia Limited, her trusted production team.

Flamingo Heights also encompasses Learn to Podcast training and courses. This can currently be accomplished through a series of private training sessions. AK Creative Consultancy is also developing its Learn To Podcast Online Course which will soon be hosted on the Flamingo Heights website. Both online podcast training seminars and gatherings in person at the studio are also available.

Email ashleigh@flamingoheights.co.uk if you have any questions about AK Creative Consultancy or wish to have a free half-hour consultation with Ash.