Women in Business

Celebrate women in business and leadership with Ashleigh King

Ashleigh King loves to celebrate women in business and leadership especially in the North East of England, using her podcasting platform, Nurture Your Zest and podcast studio, Flamingo Heights.

Celebrating Women in Business

Several episodes of Nurture Your Zest have featured female leaders and businesswomen. These have been recorded around International Women’s Day and similar events. In the video below Ashleigh talks to Dr Karen Elliot as part of her #NurtureYourZest #100Conversations for International Women’s Day 2021.

Celebrating African Women

Ashleigh has also previously joined with the Newcastle-based Teakisi and Coco charities to host virtual events with speakers and panel discussions in support of women in business and leadership. Teakisi is an online platform creating space for African women to empower, celebrate each other and unite through their stories. Coco aims to improve education in remote parts of East Africa. 

Celebrating Women in Leadership

Listen to Ashleigh’s podcast with special guest Muzoon Al-Melehan for International Womens Day 2020. In this fascinating interview you will hear how Muzoon became the youngest-ever Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF. She shares her story of how she had to flee Syria and survived living as a refugee. Today Muzoon hopes for her nation to be rebuilt. You will be inspired by her tremendous courage to speak up despite many challenges and you will discover how she learned to stand up to those who didn’t believe in her or her message.

Ashleigh King in leadership and business

Ashleigh has recorded over 100 episodes of Nurture Your Zest as well as other podcasts like MBA with Ash, during her time at Newcastle University Business School and Chaos, Courage and Creativity after she was diagnosed with ADHD.

During her time at Newcastle University Ashleigh travelled to Los Angeles to attend a TEDWomen event conference and bring back the TEDx Licence for the students. This enabled her to host a virtual conference despite the global pandemic with about 300 online delegates from 20 different countries. The theme was ‘Imagine a World’ and it was an incredible experience with some 2000 responses.

Ashleigh’s Flamingo Heights podcasting studio was featured in Business Networx in January 2022 in an article entitled News From the Nest. Newcastle University also recently published a story about Ashleigh and her mentoring a student artist, Jakub Stadnik. How an alumni-student mentoring relationship has helped two creatives flourish

Ashleigh has been featured in Girlbosses of Great Britain and has just become an ‘expert in residence’ at the Business and Intellectual Property Centre (BIPC) for Podcasting.

She was also nominated for the Northern Power Women’s Awards 2022, in the category ‘Disruptor for Good’. “I am delighted to have been nominated, even though I wasn’t shortlisted for the category in which I was nominated, I feel happy about the outcome. This is something that I would like to work towards in future.”

Following her ADHD diagonosis, Ashleigh has also been nominated for the Top 50 Neurodivergent Women 2022 a project facilitated by Women Beyond The Box.

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