ADHD podcast with Nicola and Ashleigh

Chaos, Courage and Creativity is my ADHD podcast co-hosted with Nicola Jayne-Little. By an amazing coincidence, we were both diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder as adults. We connected around this surprise awakening and are pleased to share this process with others. We don’t aspire to be experts, however as we both have a public platform we feel it’s important to use it to raise awareness about ADHD and dispel some of the myths surrounding it.

Watch our ADHD Podcast

Check out the ADHD Podcast Playlist / webstream on YouTube where you can see four of our episodes, including the first where we talk about our recent ADHD diagnoses, neurodiversity and celebrating our differences.

Stereotypically ADHD is usually diagnosed in children, boys more especially and up until recently hasn’t been found to be that common in women. However we now realise that many women who have ADHD go undiagnosed as was our experience. We are now both committed to raising awareness about ADHD, which we consider to be an incredible brain condition that yes can be challenging, but it’s also a super power and has beautiful outcomes too!

“I’ve always been this creative of ball of chaos, bouncing around, Everything is colourful, crazy and zany and I love my life that way. I do all kinds of different things and love hanging out with people and having fun.”

– Ashleigh King #NurtureYourZest

“The thing about ADHD is that you struggle so much with so many things. Like the starting of stuff, the finishing of things and daydreaming instead of paying attention.”

Nicola Jane-Little, MINT Business Club.

This ADHD Podcast is intended to be part of a wider series on neurodiversity. A forerunner of this is Episode 2 where Cici Reagan, the Founder of Write to Heal addresses Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) grief and Addiction.

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