secrets to podcasting success

Content Marketing expert, Pascal Fintoni and Ashleigh King share secrets to podcasting success

As podcasting becomes an increasingly popular platform to build a wide electronic following, Ashleigh King chats to a fellow podcaster about the secrets to podcasting success.

Pascal Fintoni is a content marketing expert based in the North East of England. He has been in business for 25 years and has a wealth of experience in marketing and sales. Ashleigh King was a recent guest on his popular podcast, The Content Marketing Studio. If you are looking to develop or increase your personal or business profile online, then you are in for a fascinating conversation in the video of the podcast below.

Ashleigh is also a content marketing expert, through her business, the Ashleigh King Creative Consultancy and podcast, Nurture Your Zest. Her business was formerly known as Day’s Like This Are Sweet but due to what she calls a ‘Coronacoaster’ Ashleigh had to stop doing events and focus on developing content. Despite these challenges she recently completed her MBA, with a dissertation that focused on providing content marketing expert advice internationally through her Learn to Podcast course.

Networking – one of the secrets of podcasting success

Her guest appearance as a content marketing expert, on Pascal’s podcast was part of a mini-series themed, ‘Meet the Podcasters’. In this presentation you will find how Ashleigh became a podcaster and built up a dynamic network of professionals to support her in her role as executive producer. Pascal observes that the pursuit of content marketing or building a brand is not something that can be achieved on one’s own. “You can’t really do it from behind a laptop or microphone. You have to make those connections,” he says.

Though Ashleigh once studied journalism, she was unable to complete her degree due to the tragic death of a friend, which threw her off course. Years later, she found it difficult to build back her confidence and start writing again. However, she managed to return to uni to do a BA which is now complemented by her MBA. As you watch the video you will also hear about a recent ADHD diagnosis that could have been a further setback. However, she describes it as “the superpower behind her success!”  

The journey to becoming a content marketing expert

 Ashleigh got into content marketing through podcasting during Lockdown. It all started with her doing research to pass the time. Gaining the TEDx license for Newcastle University helped boost her public speaking, but she has always loved to chat. She was not going to let the pandemic or a neurological difference hold her back from being the entrepreneur she was born to be. Neither should you, if you are interested in content marketing or building your online presence you will be inspired listening to Ashleigh and Pascal talk.

Pascal asks how she felt recording the first podcast and what she does to keep motivated and avoid burnout. “I was super nervous but what helped was that I recorded a bunch of stuff in one go,” Ashleigh answers. “That helps so much. The worst thing you can do is promote your first episode and get everyone excited and then the next week comes and you’ve got no content. So I’ve always got about six weeks of content in place at any time.

“I’ve met some amazing people through podcasting and Nurture Your Zest has just grown and grown. I’ve enjoyed doing some video live streams during Lockdown, but I do look forward to getting back in the studio.”

Watch ‘Meet the Podcasters’ and discover some of the things that worked for a content marketing expert as well as pitfalls to avoid. Or link to Ashleigh’s Learn to Podcast course and start the process of using podcasting to complement your content marketing strategy.

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