Ashleigh King International Women's Day

Reflections on International Women’s Day

I was pleased to share my reflections on International Women’s Day, recorded LIVE as a guest presenter for the The Roadmap MBA. You can watch the video below, as streamed LIVE on my Nurture Your Zest Facebook page.

The Roadmap alternative MBA is a CPD certified training course which provides the real world skills to grow a business and I was pleased to be their first guest presenter.

Having just celebrated International Women’s Day, I was asked to talk about what it means to be a female entrepreneur, the challenges women face in securing funding, stereotypes about women in the workplace, and being a neuro-divergent entrepreneur.

A big thank you to Steve Pugh, creator of the Roadmap MBA for the invitation to speak. I love his goal of featuring multiple presenters from different backgrounds, experiences and cultures, to reflect the breadth of his students interests, and I’m honoured that he’s started with me. 

As someone who has personally studied an MBA and invested so much money and opportunity cost into my education, I’m excited that there are already so many learners accessing this product around the world. 

International Women’s Day

In this session I reflected on:

🌸 International Women’s Day and some of the events I attended where diverse women shared their aspirations and hopes for the future;
🌸 Some of the challenges facing women as entrepreneurs;
🌸 The young women I mentor and the things that worry me for girls today

Thanks to everyone for their feedback including Corinne who commented on LinkedIn… “I agree there are still some major inequalities for women, especially the unpaid care work that we contribute to the economy and how that is not recognised at all”.

Also to Alex (“I tuned in for a while and you were brilliant 🙌🏻”) and Joel (“You smashed it as always Ash!”) I’d love to hear your thoughts, please connect with me on social media, LinkedIn; Twitter; Instagram or Facebook or leave a comment below.

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