MBA with Ash is a great podcast to listen to for anyone considering a post-graduate degree in business. If you are thinking about a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), you may be asking yourself many questions. Ashleigh King recently graduated with her MBA from the Newcastle University School of Business and takes time out to share her experience to assist other candidates.

MBA with Ash focuses on questions such as:

  • Which educational institution to choose?
  • What should you include in your application letter?
  • How to afford your MBA? 
  • What hidden sacrifices might you have to make? 
  • What should you be reading? 

Listen now to MBA with Ash

You can listen to the two episodes via YouTube. In the first Ash shares from her personal experience and in the second she speaks to fellow MBA graduate, Andrew Patterson (pictured) who saw his time of studying as stepping stone into a new chapter of his life.

Also listen to Ashleigh’s Nurture Your Zest podcast where she chats to a diverse group of people about the things that spur them on in life. It’s amazing how much we can learn from the failures and successes of others, just by listening.