Nurture Your Zest

Nurture Your Zest is my flagship podcast providing a forum for “the creative and the curious”. This popular series encourages listeners to step out of their comfort zone, follow their passion in the workplace and inspire others!

Characterised by our distinctive cactus branding, the Nurture Your Zest series highlights how diverse people have overcome prickly situations to excel in their chosen field.

You can listen to fascinating interviews with men and women of all walks of life on a range of interesting topics. You will hear how they prevailed over their personal set of obstacles in unique ways. Overcoming challenges is key to success, but more than that, it’s crucial to have ongoing passion that motivates you for the long term. In other words, nurturing your zest!

So what is zest? It could be general enthusiasm, interest or energy. We talk about people with “boundless zest” or having a certain sparkle or pizzaz of their own. Whatever it is that you need to motivate you is your particular ‘zest’. It may flow naturally or you may need to look deep within to find it. This podcast will challenge you to find that special ingredient that is going to propel you to achieve more. Nurture your zest is simply about having “a new lease of life”!

Nurture Your Zest
What is your number 1 word to #NurtureYourZest ?

Nurture Your Zest – the Podcast

I have been privileged to speak to hundreds of people and capture their stories. While most of the podcasts have been professionally recorded, Lockdown meant some of them were done on Zoom. Today the series is recorded at Flamingo Heights Podcast Studio in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

One of my favourite things I get to do on the podcast is to ask my interview guest what one word that they most identify with, when it comes to zest. We have had responses ranging from happiness to mischief… to teamwork… From “I am enough” to “start something”. I’d love to hear from you and know what word defines you?

As a writer, words are important to me. We all have different love languages, and mine is “words of affirmation”. That is not to say that I don’t appreciate honest feedback. In fact, I appreciate each and every response to the podcast, good or bad as it tells me people are listening. Thanks to everyone who has supported the project. This includes the following comments to highlight a few:

  • Ashleigh has such a vibrant curious spirit, brilliant host of a very inspiring podcast. As a listener I am always filled with joy, understanding and a burst of energy.” – Michelle.
  • “I recommend you listen to the #NurtureYourZest Podcast. Ashleigh is a really a great person who inspires others.” – Jakub
  • “I’m hesitant to share my thoughts but I’m endeavouring to follow in the courage of Ashleigh King who delivers excellent interviews across the world. The way she pushes herself out of her comfortable zone is inspiring.” – Stephanie.
  • “Great podcast, fascinating guests, relevant topics. You’ll enjoy it a lot. Check it out!” – Sukhee.

Thank you listeners, I hope you continue to stream our content and be inspired. It’s easy to inspire when you get to meet so many amazing people. Podcasting for me is a highly effective way of telling the stories that motivate, encourage and empower. I’d love to hear from you if you feel you have something to contribute to the series. See apply to be a guest!

Finally, I never set out to become a podcast expert, however in developing my passion for podcasting, I now also help people to learn to podcast, giving them the confidence to share their message more widely through this powerful medium. So please contact me at if you would like any help in getting started in podcasting or if you are looking for a studio to record your podcast.

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